Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boring Boring Boring

I don't feel like I have anything new to say or report. Nothing has changed. I still have a mystery illness. I'm still passing out or on the verge of passing out all the time. My heart likes to beat funny. I can't and don't really get to do anything. I'm so boring. And MOODY. Poor poor Husbandman. 

I did have a really wonderful Thanksgiving. My sister and her girlfriend came out for the holiday and stayed with us. We got to eat Thanksgiving with both families so we were very full. Our family went bowling and I had fun but Husbandman had to finish up for me because my body kept trying to pass out. I'm not a very good cheerleader. We found a little girl in the parking lot. Almost a baby I would say. She could just barely walk. We took her back into the family fun center place we were at. It took a really long long time to locate her Mother. Her Mother who yelled at her for not staying where she told her to. Um yeah. She's a baby. They don't watch themselves. Also, kudos to you crazy white trash mom for yanking her arm and pulling her away and yelling and lecturing her. I'm sure her 14 month old mind processed that really well. Also, I got creeped out while I was waiting with her for her Mom to notice she was gone and she was the woman being paged. All the people bowling gathered around in a huge half circle and just stared. Two women offered to keep her. One creepy guy kept pacing slowly in front of us staring and leering. No thanks pedo dude. Keep walking.

I have tolerable health days and bad health days. I had a lot of bad ones in a row and tried to get a hold of the doctor. All they did was up the dose of the medicine that is having no affect. That's been fun. I love side-effects. So I'll probably be on the phone trying to explain everything to the receptionist again. Hey, maybe if I'm lucky they'll just up the dosage some more *fake smile with underlying tones of pissiness*. Someone really does need to invent a sarcastic font.

Husbandman had a work Christmas party. My amazing friend Mickey who I hardly get to see anymore (I never get to see anyone anymore) took me shopping for an outfit. One of the side-effects of having to stay home and rest for four months is getting really fat :) I sure do love not being able to put on pants anymore. Seriously though, I'm not even allowed to go for walks. I'm gonna go insane!
Anyway, so we get to the store and the clerk is like, "Just so you know we are closing in 15 minutes. We close at 8." Who the *$#@ closes at 8?!? During the holidays!?! So we went to a different store but I didn't have a gift card there so I didn't buy anything. We did find an AMAZING dress for Mickey. She is so hot and has an amazing body. So Mickey took me to her house and we found a way to squeeze me into some of her clothes without me looking squeezed. She has such awesome clothes. Her closet is like Heaven. So I got a super awesome outfit to wear for the party. The party was a lot more formal and structured than I imagined. It felt very grown up. A lot like a country club event. His company is pretty darn cool. They had a photo booth at the party and the guy running it was freaky. He kept telling us there were no rules and we could do ANYTHING we wanted in there for the camera. He repeated this enough times with lots of winking and eyebrow waggling to unsettle both of us. It was still fun and we are completely un-photogenic. 
It was a really nice evening but I get completely worn out trying to pretend I feel normal. I don't like people to see weakness. I don't want to look ill. I don't want a bunch of strangers asking me personal questions I don't have answers to. Husbandman had to prop me up a few times and hold on tight (so I don't crack my head open if I pass out). He's getting rather skilled at that. I think the best time was at church when we were walking out of class (he was taking me home because he can always tell when I'm about to pass out) and I was protesting because I felt "fine". OK so I know it's bad to lie especially in church but I never get out of the house OK?! I was desperate to stay anywhere. Anyway, so we were walking out and he wasn't paying attention and I just went down, he grabbed me just in time but I almost fell on a stranger and everyone got all worried and kept asking if I needed water. That was super embarrassing. Poor Husbandman wrenched his arm pretty good on that one. 

After the party Husbandman spent HOURS and HOURS working on his mistress (his jeep) at his parents house. So his mom and I ate monkey bread, watched old movies, and swapped good stories until around 2 am. She got tired and went to bed. I was on their couch until 4 am when Husbandman finished upgrading something involving shocks or some other weird thing I don't really understand because it's just a car. Good thing he doesn't read this. His head would probably explode. He loves that silly jeep more than anything. I'm glad he has a hobby he loves that helps him de-stress. He get's pretty exhausted having to take care of everything at home and working so much. That doesn't mean I'm not jealous of it. Stupid jeep. I should work on this jealousy of inanimate objects thing. That's probably not healthy. Typically we don't have a lot of spare cash for non-necessities because medical bills suck ***. But Husbandman has been doing lots of extra work and found a very inexpensive amazing deal he couldn't pass up for his baby (someone on KSL classifieds accidentally listed some jeep upgrade for a lot lot less than what it was worth and decided to give it to him for that mistaken price instead of the intended. They were really nice). And he did run it by me before he bought it. We found a way to make it work out. And it seriously makes him so happy. I love it. It's a love/hate thing. 

I really miss my sister and her lady. I had so much fun having someone at the house. I was a complete waste case though. But it was nice to have someone there during the days. Also, she is pretty much the best person I know and I love her so much and miss her because she lives so far away. I can't wait to see her again. Hopefully I can go see their new place someday soon. 

I can't think of anything else. I'm grumpy and moody (groody?) so I should probably go before I get even more emotional and needy. I'm going to scare the internet into breaking up with me if I keep whining like a bad girlfriend. 
"Sure thing interwebs. It's totally cool with me if you hang out with your guy friends."

P.S. I totally just remembered something new. I have had some weird rib pain since last March but it wasn't that bad and it was only in one rib. But about two or three weeks ago it got a lot worse and now most of the front ribs hurt. It's making it so I can't sleep so I finally gave in and called the chiropractor. I think one is out of place bad enough that it is aggravating the others. When I look at it in the mirror it looks really jacked up. It feels and kinda looks like it's trying to fold over onto another one. Husbandman wants me to call the real doctor but I'm gonna try chiropractor friend first. If that doesn't work I'll go see the real doctor, but I'm sick of the real doctor and didn't want to pay for a stupid office visit just to have him tell me I need to go to a chiropractor. Cut out the middle man. I hope.