Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Hope I Didn't Kill Anyone's Pets In My Sleep

Occasionally if I can't sleep I'll take half of a certain sleep aid my doctor gave me.  Usually it just makes me have very odd dreams.  Last night I had more trouble than usual sleeping so I took a whole one.  They're aren't very high strength but they hit me hard.  I became THAT person.  You know, the one who gets really drunk or high and then calls people.  Luckily I only called Husbandman.  I don't remember that phone call.  But from what he says I decided that it would be a good idea to make a new playlist on my iPod to fall asleep to.  I called him because I couldn't do it because if I didn't keep one eye closed there were three iPods and many unreal features.  I also tried to text and play Hanging With Friends.  Turns out QUATBR isn't a word.  I woke up very confused this morning because Billy Idol was screaming in my ear and I had a lot of texts from close friends telling me to check out the texts I sent last night.  I couldn't figure out why I was wearing headphones but it all makes sense now.  I played detective and have pieced together a good portion of my trip.  First I called Husbandman to try and make a playlist because none of my other playlists were good enough to sleep to.  I rarely listen to music to sleep, when I need something I play meditation tracks.  I found the new playlist, it's titled "Trijjjpokbnnb baakbsssjlll".  It is a very odd collection of music, especially for sleeping.  It sounds a Quintin Tarintino soundtrack had a baby with the Labyrinth soundtrack.  After...or during the making of the playlist I text some close friends to tell them I took Ambien and things were getting weird.  Most of it was gibberish and incoherent but the few things I could decode were this:
1) There was a marshmallow lady in my room dressed like a nanny
2) There was also a square headed blonde ghost child named Greta or Gertie
3) If my playlist every got into a boxing match with anyone else's playlist it would stand in the rain with a lighter waving in the air like at a bad rock concert and offer free hippie hugs
4) I brag about my awesomeness at Hanging With Friends
5) This was the best playlist ever made in the history of ever and it made me wish I had a lighter to wave through the air
6) I think the letter Q is British because of the whole thing with it being followed by U all the time
7) I really wanted to put the song Under Pressure on the playlist because it is the best song in the world and it should be illegal to have a playlist without the song Under Pressure
There was a lot more but it was mostly stuff like this: alkdja aieouwou woj balsk
I want to formally apologize to anyone I may have woken up.  I'm relatively certain I didn't leave my room, but in case I did, I'm sorry to anyone I may have harmed.  Rest assured I will never take a sleep aid without Husbandman being home.  Poor Husbandman.  Sleepy time me is weird and moody like a teenager.  No wonder he is always tired when he wakes up.  He probably never gets any sleep with all the flailing and playlist making and what not.

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